Nash Farms State Championship 2022

Georgia State Cyclocross Championships

Nash Farm near Hampton, GA hosted the Georgia State Cyclocross Championships. Winter temperatures finally showed up along with a brutal wind. The course had a little bit of everything-climbing, off camber, technical turns up and down hills, a fast downhill, and not much recovery. Also grass. Lots of grass. State Championships were given in most divisions with the winners getting the coveted jersey and medals. 

Congratulations to all of our State Champions!
Jeph Burgoon shows that being stylish means having fun and being fast!


10-14 Girls: Pippa Denney

10-14 Boys: Laurence Denney

15-18 Boys: Matthew Crabbe (to go with his National Champion jersey)

Masters 40+: Nate Sibley

Masters 50+: Chris Chotas

Masters 60+: Lamar Mauney

Men Cat. 4: Ethan Slocum

Women Cat. 4: Melissa Whitley

Women Cat. 1/2: Maria Carrelli

Women Cat. 3: Lauren De Crescenzo 

Men Cat. 1/2: Hank Beaver

Cat. 3: Matthew Crabbe

Men Cat. 4/5 35+: Carlos Arango 

Masters Women 40+: Lisa Randall

Single Speed: Chris Bulloch

Women Single Speed: Kim Taaca

Kim Taaca (Fast Ass Racing) is followed by Tina Locklear up the first hill in the Women's Cat. 4.